First Class is for Chumps! Delta Offering Seat Upgrades. . . To a Private Jet!

If you’ve got a spot in Delta’s SkyMiles club than get ready to celebrate your membership because some serious upgrades are headed your way this summer.

Delta Air Lines has teamed up with their subsidiary, Delta Private Jets, to offer commercial flying customers occasional upgrades beyond first class – to a corporate business jet featuring all the perks expected of a private flight experience. The service helps the airline fill empty seats on jet routes already being flown (but members will still face a fee between $300 and $800 for the switch).


Of course Delta’s not making extra bank on the new upgrading service either, not immediately anyway! The real reason they’ve rolled out the DPJ upgrade program is to build brand loyalty while simultaneously selling their target market on the private jet experience. Kind of a win-win for everyone, no?