Diamond Diving is Africa’s Most Expensive Safari Experience

Going on an African safari to check out exotic animals is probably cool, but a safari that takes you on a dive for diamonds? Kind of incredible.BD_SafariTravel4Listed as one of the most expensive experiences available in South Africa, this $16,000 full day excursion includes air transfers to Port Nolloth, limo service to a luxe villa at the Ellerman House resort and of course, the Benguela Diamond dive itself.

After diving for precious stones with the pros (guests also have the option of waiting on the boat), the gems can be cleaned and made into stunning pieces of jewelry. Plus, the whole adventure ends with the Ellerman House’s “Dom Perignon Experience”, which provides a gourmet bento box dinner, fully prepared by the hotel’s executive chef.diamond-safariBD_SafariTravel3So we ask, are giraffe photo-ops really the way to go here?