$13.9M Private Jet Trip Will Take You To 20 Cities In 20 Days

For $14 milllion, you could organize yourself a pretty fancy trip around the world. But why organize a trip for yourself when you could have Gregory Patrick, a self-proclaimed ‘Experiential Artist’ with more than 30 years in the business, do all the leg work for you?

Patrick is the founder of DreamMaker – which designs bespoke trips for high-end clients with the intent of providing them with a unique experience and not just another way to sight-see. His latest extravagant voyage, dubbed Passport to 50, will take 50 guests on a 20-day private jet trip to 20 different cities across the globe aboard two Boeing Business Jets. The price is a staggering $13.9 million, but after having a look at the itinerary, you just might understand why.


The trip will take travellers to Marrakech, Florence, Barcelona, Manila, Koh Samui and London, among many more, with once-in-a-lifetime experiences offered at each destination. In London, for example, DreamMakers has organized a Downton Abbey–inspired dinner party that will include a wardrobe of custom Savile Row suits for attendees and an appearance by an unnamed member of the Royal Family.

The lavish experiences will extend to the Boeing jets as well. Patrick has organized for an in-flight poker tournament on one of the nights with the world’s number-one Poker champion, Daniel Negreanu, and a $500,000 prize purse. The plane will also be fully staffed and will also have a professional hypnotherapist on board who specializes in sleep.


With DreamMaker and the Passport to 50, the world is almost literally yours. Patrick ensures interested parties that the itinerary is flexible and “almost everything is possible,” on the trip. If we have your interest, you can visit the dedicated Passport to 50 webpage at this link for more information.

[Source: RobbReport]