This Underwater Tennis Complex in Dubai Will Blow Your Mind

Polish architect Krysztof Kotala wants to build an underwater tennis complex in Dubai. Specifically, he wants to build it offshore in the Persian Gulf—right between the Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah islands. Rich with aquatic life, he thinks the setting would be perfect for hosting the fifth Grand Slam tournament.

Kotala says, “This will be something original. It should be somewhere where there is the tradition of tennis. Dubai is perfect for this idea.”underwater_tennis_court_dubai_2-600x350
Equipped with seven courts, the enclosed complex would require a ceiling made from a transparent piece of large glass, strong enough to withstand water pressure, and it would have to measure at least 108 feet wide. The complex would also feature a rooftop coral reef, attracting an abundance of sea creatures.underwater_tennis_court_dubai_1-800x745-430x400If engineers overcome the challenges, this unique concept could become the world’s most incredible underwater structure — and most expensive tennis complex.