The Top 7 Luxury Driving Experiences in the World

Do your daydreams often take place behind the wheel of a fully loaded Ferrari? Do you salivate over exquisite fleets of Porsches and Mercedes? No matter your taste in extravagant automobiles, there is a driving experience to match your adrenaline-filled reveries. If you’re ready to get fast and furious (but with the careful guidance of professionals nearby), these top seven driving experiences could be the newest additions to your bucket list.

1. BMW Performance Driving School (Pictured Above)

If you are the new (or hopeful) owner of a luxury BMW, this fully immersive experience is the one for you. With multiple locations, the BMW Performance Driving School offers a range of courses, including ones catered to teens and motorcyclists. The standard course, a one-day car control “school,” teaches drivers specific BMW handling skills, aiming to highlight the capabilities of the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” With such drool-worthy offerings as the 2017 5-series M5 forthcoming, there is no better time to be behind the wheel of a BMW. To find out more, GO HERE. 

2. SpeedVegas

Sin City offers no shortage of luxury driving experiences, and SpeedVegas offers some of the best. Whether you’ve dreamed of piloting a lime-green Lamborghini Huracán or a state-of-the-art Shelby GT, SpeedVegas will customize your experience based on your wish list. One of the most popular packages, the Full Throttle, gives participants the opportunity to drive the most exotic cars on the fleet, and includes expert coaching sessions. The most exclusive package—the Ultimate—grants access to the Ferrari 458 Italia or the aforementioned Huracán, two of the most sought-after sets of wheels around.  To find out more, GO HERE.

SPEEDVEGAS to Open March 2016

3. Richard Petty Driving Experience

With over 20 locations across the USA, the Richard Petty driving experience formula is tried and true. A must for NASCAR enthusiasts, the experience allows drivers to ride shotgun alongside professional NASCAR driving instructors. Although you won’t get the chance to take the wheel, your adrenaline will still have the opportunity to skyrocket: the cars will reach speeds of up to 165 mph. To find out more, VISIT HERE.44-gallery3

4. Ferrari Driving Experience

Available exclusively to Ferrari owners and their guests, this high-powered experience puts drives in the hot seat. Much like the BMW course, the Ferrari “Corso Pilota” is designed to maximize the potential of the individual machine. With two tracks located in North America (in Quebec and Austin), this course offers the utmost in Ferrari expertise. To find out more, VISIT HERE.Ferrari_F430

5. Exotics Racing

Located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Exotics Racing is on the rise. Here, you can fully customize your driving experience, choosing from such showstoppers as the Audi R8, the McLaren ML-570S, and the Aston Martin Vantage GT (the “James Bond” car). With 16 models to choose from, it won’t be an easy decision, though with such amenities as multiple car packages, your imagination has the freedom to run wild. To find out more, VISIT HERE.


6. 6th Gear Experience

An overseas offering located in the UK, this “supercar” driving experience consistently boasts top-notch TripAdvisor reviews. Participants can drive (on the other side this time) such luxury options as the Jaguar F-Type, the Ferrari 360 Modena, and 325bhp Supercharged Ariel Atom. If you find yourself across the pond, this experience is not to be missed. To find out more, VISIT HERE:lp560Lp640

7. Top Gear Track Experience

Coupled with the hit TV show, the Top Gear Track Experience is a treat for any automotive aficionado. Not only do they boast luxury experiences on the track, but they also offer off-roading adventures for those who like to explore the road less traveled. Though the “luxury” experiences may not take place in the likes of a Ferrari or a Porsche, the experience itself is as indulgent as they come. The most popular program, Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, gives drivers the opportunity to beat records set by celebrities and regular folks alike. To find out more, VISIT HERE.TopGearDrivingExperience


Article by Jessica Bridges, Journalist and contributor at Advance Auto Parts Blog.