This Cave in Italy Holds the Greatest Seaside Restaurant in the World

It’s a restaurant that has caused Honeymooners to go 5-hours out of their way to dine here: the Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare, Italy is home to one of the world’s most unique restaurants, which is built inside a cave on the edge of the Adriatic Sea.MTM1NzkyMDA2OTIzNDA1MzIy

From your table you can see and hear the waves crashing from the sea below.MTM1NzkyMDA2OTIzMzI3OTY2

It boasts 5-star food, the smell of the sea and possibly one of the greatest dining experiences you’ll ever have.MTM1NzkyMDA2OTIzNDE1NTIy MTM1NzkyMDA2OTIzNDcwODU4 MTM1NzkyMDA2OTIzMzQ5OTg2 MTM1NzkyMDA2OTIzMzM5Nzg2