We Can’t Believe this $106-Million Wedding Cake Even Exists

A proud father in the UAE, celebrating his daughter’s birthday and engagement party, spent an enormous $106M on a 4000-diamond-encrusted…cake.

Sure he covered two celebrations at once, but that’s still over $50M a piece.

In a creation that would make Buddy Valastro envious, the cake is in the style of a catwalk stretching two metres long. The confectionary guests are dressed in styles of the cake’s creator, 33-year-old former fashion designer Debbie Wingham.

Going into the details, the cake weighs a hefty 450kgs, with more than 180kg of icing and modeling chocolate. It took roughly 1100 hours to craft, meaning Wingham made just over $96,000 an hour building this beast.

Seems unfair, but that’s where those 4000 (inedible) diamonds come in:


  • 400 one-carat white diamonds
  • 73 three-carat white diamonds
  • 73 three-carat black diamonds


  • One 5.2 carat pink diamond
  • One 6.4 carat yellow diamond
  • 15 five-carat white diamonds

That’s $65M in diamonds right there, never mind the 3400 stones scattered through the cake, including amethyst and emeralds.

Besides the stones, the entire cake is edible, even the miniature iPads…because of course there’d be iPads on this cake.