The Hipolite TV Adds Retro Style to Any Room

Hipolite’s latest television sets are a refreshing blend of color and modernity, while maintaining a simple, vintage look that will become the focal point of any room.

The bright orange and sky blue TVs are eye-catching, with the hand-finished wooden frame giving it the flexibility to fit into any room’s style. The sets are fully customizable, with the aforementioned wide array of colors, matte or high-gloss finishes, as well as other high-quality materials.

hipolite2The TVs are no slouches technologically; they have a 32 inch HD screen with LED lighting tucked behind a glass window. This provides deeper contrasts, with blacks coming in three times stronger than a conventional monitor.

The sets are inspired by old television tubes, allowing the integration of a 2.1 sound system, which offers arguably the most authentic sounds today. Again, to keep up with other TVs technology and inter-connectivity, Hipolite’s added new AirPlay technology, giving consumers the ability to sync their Apple TV or other digital media to their set.

hipolite3Price is available on request, dependent on the features you customize your set with.