This Airbnb Rental Comes Complete With an Audi R8 in the Front Yard

How does this sound: rent a property, get an Audi R8, and then do as you’d like along the dry lakebed that surrounds the home?

It’s the ultimate escape for those who enjoy solitude and speed alike. The piece of property, located out in the Nevada desert, provides a four-star treatment and a sweet, sweet ride to venture to neighbouring areas with style. The Audi is the latest iteration of the V-10-powered sportscar.

Audi and Airbnb have partnered for this proposition, and released rental dates for the property a couple of days ago. Seven guests are already booked starting in October.

It’s a luxury experience from the moment you arrive at McCarran airport in Las Vegas. From there, guests enjoy three days of an empty lakebed they can use as they see fit. Night time brings starry nights you’ve only seen in magazines before; the Milky Way is your closest neighbour in this desolate desert spot.

When you want a break from serene nature and a change of pace, the Audi R8 will nicely fill your downtime – it can hit 205 miles per hour, after all. And the best part is, you can drive as freely as you ever had…the chances of running into state troopers in the middle of nowhere is as remote as the property location.