Someone Just Bought This 150-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur For An Astonishing Price


Just a few days ago, an unlikely art object was auctioned off in Germany that’s been valued at just under $3.8 million: a 150-million year old dinosaur.

The one-of-a-kind majestic dinosaur is none other than a stegosaurus, which was up for auction on May 28th at Germany’s leading auction house, Auctionata. The show was called “Nature at Home – Prehistoric fossils and minerals” and had many other items up for sale such as prehistoric scallop shells, a large pair of amethyst geodes and a fish saurian from Toarcium.1Dinosaur

The full-sized skeleton belongs to the Jurassic period, is 7 meters long, includes over 90 % original bone material and is reportedly one of the best findings of its kind to ever come to the market. Bidding for the skeleton started at 1.2 million euros and was sold along with certificates and a booklet with highly detailed descriptions.

While we’re not quite sure who purchased the dinosaur or for how much, we’re this piece of history will make a spectacular show piece for some european millionaire’s mansion.

[ Source: Auctionata]