L4P’s Top 4 of the Week: More Luxury than a Rocket Car

From the world’s first 1000 mile-per-hour car and a 600 horsepower Brabus Mercedes-Benz to a $18-Million Log Cabin in Aspen that seriously puts all others to shame, it was a week of firsts here at Luxury4Play. Here’s the Top 4 of the week after all the dust settled…

4. The World’s Most Luxurious Van came in the # 4 spot and it’s easy to see why... It’s a Mercedes-Benz-Brabus masterpiece.Porsche2

3. The Porsche Mission E concept is not your typical electric car. Killer-looking suicide doors, controller- touchpad above and super-width media display make it look like it’s straight out of the future.Porsche2

2. The Primm Ranch Estate, up for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada is next level awesome. And at $14 Million you can understand why it has some of these incredible features like an indoor shooting range and a garage that looks like this:PrimmEstate15

1. And finally, the video of the weirdest Porsche crash you’ll ever see made the top spot, hands down. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do, and share with your friends. They’ll thank you.PorchePileUp

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