Here’s Why This Ultra-Exclusive Henk Travel Bag Costs $35,000


Living the luxury lifestyle is no easy feat- you need the car, the watch, the house and everything else to make sure everyone knows you’re incredibly rich. When you have all of those items, why skimp out on your luggage? With this $35,000 Henk Classic bag, you don’t have to!

This bag was designed by Qatar-based Chairman of Abu Issa Holding, Ashraf Abu Issa. When he couldn’t find the right luggage to hold everything he needed for his international travels, he created his own travel store: Musafer, Fine Art of Travel. The $35,000 bag was created by California-based company Frogdesign and custom-made in Germany. It features either a crocodile, ostrich, carbon or calf leather exterior and also has retractable wheels that pop-out when you need them. The interior is made-to-order with a wood veneer of your choice.

This stunning bag also features side doors and compartments that open to store items that you need to get to on the fly and a Napa leather insert that doubles as a removable briefcase. Interestingly enough, when you order one of these exuberant bags, the head of the company will hand-deliver it to you, no matter where you live. Talk about living the high life.

The company is also currently working with a Turkish designer to create a line of travel clothes that is not only comfortable, but also professional-looking enough to get you from the plane to the meeting without changing in between.

Image2LuxuryLuggageThe Musafer store first opened in Qatar, and has since opened in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Johannesburg and, most recently, in New York.

Source: [Forbes ]