Our Top 4 Most Popular Stories Last Week Made A Lot Of People Angry

What a week on Luxury4Play! Between the Mansory-modded Mercedes-Benz, an ultra limited edition McLaren and a brand new 770 Horsepower Ferrari F12tdf being released, we were sure it was going to be a badass supercar that sat in the top spot of the list… So you can imagine how shocked when it came down to our most popular posts of the week. Here’s the breakdown of L4P’s Top 4 of the Week. Check out our Facebook Page to catch some of the rage our readers expressed…

4. Many readers on our Facebook Page asked why this this guy is shooting clay pigeons from a yellow Ferrari while doing donuts, and the only answer we have is: Because he can.pigeon3-1024x576 colourcorrect

3. Our number 3 spot goes to this beauty of a superyacht concept: the 344-foot Acquaintance by Vitruvius Yachts and Oceanco. You have to see the interior to really believe it. It’s stunning.

2. YouTube star “CaptainSparklez“  just bought this $4.5 Million home in Hollywood with money he’s made from creating Minecraft videos, seen over 1.9 billion times. Admittedly, his house is  pretty killer. Here’s a peek below.mansion8

1. But it was this post of another YouTuber, GONTH, and his newly acquired Porsche that took the top spot this week. Must’ve been the sheer outrage our readers felt. But we guess it’s his money and he can do with it what he likes… But really, does really he have to scrape those rims every time he drives it?porschee3