Deep-Sea Diving Has Never Been More Fun

If you’ve ever booked a vacation in a tropical resort and had the pleasure of doing some snorkelling, you’ll understand how beautiful and amazing reefs truly are. To facilitate this experience (and offer deeper, longer immersions), DeepFlight Adventures has shared some details concerning its upcoming submersible, the Super Falcon 3S.



Unlike most subs, the Falcon 3S allows for the pilot plus two guests to share the experience, making it that much more special. Unlike the Super Falcon (which was introduced in 2009), the 3S measures 25 feet in length, 10.8 feet in width and 5.2 feet in height.



The Super Falcon 3S can descend a maximum of 400 feet and is propelled by two pressure-compensated, direct-drive brushless DC thrusters and a large composite propeller, giving this submarine a speed of 6 knots. In case any system failure occurs, passengers can rest assured that the credit is positively buoyant, which means it will naturally ascend to the surface.



This sub is the perfect vessel to treat tropical travellers to a one-of-a-kind experience that will forever be embedded in their memories, as there are plenty of gorgeous reefs not far from resorts. The first outpost is scheduled in 2016 in a yet-to-be-announced location, but plans are also being made to open initial operations in the Caribbean, Hawaii, French Polynesia and Maldives.

[Source: RobbReport]