This Decanter Set Is Worth More Than Some Sports Cars

Those who have expensive tastes usually purchase grandiose homes, have drool-worthy vehicles and are always dressed to the nine. It’s only normal that their tastebuds also be subject to the finer things in life. It is for that exact niche for which this beautifully-crafted decanter was created, filled with the alcoholic libations of millionaires: Cognac.

LOUIS XIII has come together with French luxury houses Saint-Louis, Puiforcat and Hermès and created L’Odysée D’un Roi, which translates into Journey of a King. Indeed, if the title is any indication, the divine nectar inside of this bottle will definitely take you on a trip!

The cognac is an exclusive blend of LOUIS XIII Cognac crafted by Cellar Master Baptiste and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the vessel in which the cognac is stored will really make your eyes pop! The decanter is etched with 19th-century maps of Asia while the four cups it also comes with depicts different countries within Asia. It also comes with a white gold pipette from Puiforcat and a book describing the history of LOUIS XIII.

It is estimated that this one-of-a-kind decanter set will sell from anywhere between $100,000-500,000 USD at the Hong Kong auction with all proceeds donated to The Film Foundation.

[Source: Sotheby’s]