You Could Own This Monstrous Colorado Ranch

If some other parallel universe where Frodo Baggins had been able to sell that ring of his for millions of dollars, he might have been able to afford this pristine piece of property in the heard of Woody Creek, Colorado.

But this stunning land does not reveal all that it is with just one look. Nay, delve deeper into the property and you may begin to notice that this monstrous 244 acre piece of land actually has six separate single-family homes. Together, they contain 22 bedrooms, 18 baths and 5 partial baths- so Frodo can invite the whole family!
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This stretch of land, affectionately known as Circle R, also has an abundant of other structures which include storage facilities, buildings for agricultural purposes as well as barns to keep you busy.


Although these particular shots were taken during the warmer months, Circle R really comes to life in the winter as it is just next door to the world-class resort of Aspen, Colorado and you can bet there is plenty of fun to be had when temperatures drop. The lake turns into a skating rink, there is an abundance of space to build snowmen, make snow angels…and not to mention tons of snowmobiling trails.

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Should this place feel far too large for one person to undertake, it is also a good investment property that can be rented out to multiple families at a time. With its Old Western charm and plenty of activities to do, it’s hard to feel bored!

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But let’s get down to the real reason why this would seem like just the place Frodo would adore. With its stunning sloped roof, spiraling tower and exterior stone walls, the main house is an absolute dream!

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Although two of the other houses are just as drool-worthy…that stone has got us weak in the knees!

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The interiors are equally as quaint and inviting, with most of it featuring warm color schemes and loads of wood furniture.

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The entire ranch (including all structures, buildings and homes) are being sold off for an incredible $39.9 million – get it while it’s hot!


[ Source: Sotheby’s ]