You Won’t Believe What This Texas Mansion Has In Its Backyard…


For $32.3 million, you can own this stunning mansion in Dallas, Texas where the interior and exterior will have your jaw somewhere between the floor and the next state over.1TexasThe home features a total of 8 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms (in case you need to stop every few minutes for a break while you try and find your way to the living room) and approximately 21,000 square feet of living space. To say it’s a large property would be a vast understatement.2Texas 3TexasBetween the gorgeous staircase, elaborate railing and tasteful furniture, the foyer is enough to make any normal human being’s mouth water. But of course, it doesn’t stop there because every single area from the kitchen to the hallway bleeds class and elegance.4Texas 5TexasThe kitchen, as aforementioned, exudes sophistication with its dark wood cabinetry and gothic-looking decor. The adjacent living room holds the same charm with its antique furniture and similar intricate ceiling design.6Texas 7TexasAs expected, this bedroom is absolutely fit for royalty. The oversized four-posted canopy bed features a spectacular chandelier overhead and is kept cozy by a marble fireplace.8texasAnd of course, no castle bedroom would be complete without an equally dramatic en suite and walk-in closet.
10Texas 11TexasTo conduct matters of business, owners can choose between this classy study or chat over a glass of wine in the basement wine cellar.12texas 13texasShould the topic be more lighthearted or if family comes over for a few beers, entertain the adults in the classic games room while the kids head upstairs in the modern lounge. And if you look out the window of the retro lounge area, you’ll see this mansion’s backyard surprise which will make you want to purchase this property ASAP.14texas 15texasYup, there’s an outdoor theme park in the backyard. Owners can chill out on the lazy river, get their blood pumping by going down one of the multiple slides and even play some mini golf or tennis. It’s definitely a dream come true.16Texas 17Texas 18TexasFor $32.3-million, what more could you possible ask for?!19Texas[ Source: JamesEdition]