This Luxury Vipp Shelter Can Be Placed Anywhere in the World

With its minimalistic presence and distinct connection with nature, the Vipp shelter is unlike any other getaway you’ve been to—and it’s ridiculously easy to construct to boot.

The only man-made materials separating you from entering the vibrant world of nature is a few sheets of steel and glass. Chief designer Morten Bo Jensen described the Vipp experience as having “just a roof over your head”, which, in its most basic state, is what a shelter is.

Let’s take a peek inside first by stepping up the gangway and into the shelter’s lower level en-trance. To your right you’ll have a storage compartment, two empty cabinets plus a Miele washing machine and tumble dryer hidden in the third cabinet.Image2VippTo the left is the bathroom, which includes a floating white sink, its three drawers and a large horizontal mirror. Everything from the Vipp-engraved door handles to the toilet brush has been carefully selected to compliment this shelter’s sleek, minimalistic deco.image3VippOnce you’ve entered the sitting area, you’ll be taken aback by the beautiful view before you. The interior of the Vipp shelter is especially designed to be functional and little else. Despite its sleek and sophisticated looking interior, the contents of the shelter are dark and low-key in order to drive your attention to outdoor beauty, no matter the season.Image4Vipp

Image6VippSix panoramic glass sliding glass doors separate you from nature in the living room, making this the perfect place to sit on the black leather daybed, relax, and take it all in.Image7VippTo the right of the seating area, past the fireplace, is the kitchen where the panoramic glass ex-tends to show the landscape before you.Image8VippThe kitchen features an island with a three-burner stove, sink and plenty of working space to your prepare meals. This shelter also comes with two pendant lamps, a garbage bin and even a cutlery set and drinking glasses – what other shelter comes with all of these already included?!Image9VippAfter climbing up a short ladder, you’ll find yourself in the cosy integrated bedroom with an in-credible view of the sky ahead -perfect for star gazing (provided there aren’t many tree branches in the way).Image10vippConstruction of this shelter is easier than you think, which is why the Vipp shelter is so appeal-ing to potential buyers. As CEO Kasper Egelund explains, its a “one-stop shop” when it comes to buying a home away from home. All you need to do is secure a piece of land and contact a local contractor who can confirm the shelter will fit and have everything it needs (electricity, water, sewage) to be functional on the land you have chosen. Everything is pre-fabricated in Frederiksvaerk, Denmark and is then shipped in containers to wherever you are. For $585,000 USD, you can have your shelter delivered in five to six months and installation takes no more than five days.

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