This is What $13.5 Million Can Get You in Toronto

When most people think of living in Toronto, they think of being cooped up in a tiny condo high in the skies where the oldest “antique” in the vicinity is the very land it stands on. But thankfully, not all homes are made equal and if you have some money to spend, this gorgeous city has plenty to offer: case in point, this historic home in South Rosedale.


Welcome to 124 Park Road, which one of the Mayors of Toronto, George Geary, called home from the 1920’s to 50’s. Perched on one of the most coveted areas in Toronto, the home may not look like much from the outside but its interiors are enough to make you gawk.

Thanks to the massive skylight, the common rooms are bathed in natural light which makes the presence of interior lights unnecessary on sunny days.

The main entrance gives way to two living rooms, each with their own vibe: cool, clean and contemporary on one side and dark, mature and sophisticated on the other.

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The masterful kitchen features gorgeous wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and enough room to make a head chef envious.

The kitchen is also complete with a breakfast table large enough to seat six as well as its own cozy living area perfect for some R&R with a hot cup of tea and a good book.
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A formal dinner, however, is best experienced in the dining room, where there is plenty of room for your guests to feel comfortable yet cozy at the same time.


After dinner, you can invite your guests to a glass of wine, a game of floor hockey or even some pool time – all on the same floor.

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This Toronto home boasts five bedrooms and nine full baths within its 12,000 square feet. Every room is guaranteed to be spacious, feature tasteful decor and will make you wish you had the opportunity to purchase it when it was available!

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And of course, the bathrooms are just as glorious as the guest rooms.

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Your family can call this gem home for just under $13.5 million. Tucked neatly into the heart of the city where high-end shopping and entertaining is just a few minutes away, what’s not to love!?

[ Source: Sotheby’s ]