This Gorgeous Cape Town Home Has a Secret Your Inner Hippie Will Love

Located on Cape Town, South Africa’s gorgeous coast, Western Cape 8005 is an environmentally friendly masterpiece that comes with a perfect ocean view. In fact, its sophisticated design might even steal the attention away from the beautiful sunsets that adorn Western Cape’s evening room with a viewNature lovers will be happy to know that this home is more eco-friendly than a 70’s hippie commune — it’s equipped with solar heating and rain conservation technology.balcony1With large panoramic windows on every corner of the house, you always feel at one with nature. Yet, the top-notch security system gives you privacy and security, allowing you to enjoy nature from the safety of your home.
balcony2If you want to get one-on-one with the elements, you can choose between taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean and taking one in your swimming pool. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by palm trees. dinging2Equipped with a private elevator and beautiful staircase, this property is the definition of 21st century luxury. dingingarea1And nothing says luxury like abstract art that makes you contemplate: is it a blob? It is blood clot? Is it a symbol of your burning desire to purchase this home?artwork1