Small Cabin is Luxury in the Slovenian Forest

You wouldn’t think much of this cute little cabin hidden deep inside the Slovenian Forest but once you take a look inside, your jaw will be on the floor…

Designed by studio PIKAPLUS, the affectionately named “Wooden House” was awarded second place nationally for the best wooden construction in Slovenia and it’s no surprise why.

Designed to bring as much “outdoors” as possible, every room in the cabin (save for the washroom) takes advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows so you always have a spectacular view.


The kitchen is the perfect size for a cabin this size and has everything you need: a fridge, double sink and they even had enough room to put a wine fridge across from the built-in range.

The open-concept kitchen also shares the space with the dining room, which features a cute bench and has enough seating to comfortably seat 6-8.


A few steps away is the living room, where you can cuddle up next to the fireplace on the L-shaped couch with a good book and glass of wine, all while having a fantastic view of the great outdoors.


Upstairs is whee you’ll find the two bedrooms with a near 90-degree angle ceiling. A custom bunk bed was built to fit neatly into the corner and while children may not have a tough time maneuvering around their bedrooms, the same can’t be said for adults. We recommend you walk carefully when going to and from bed to avoid getting bonked!
7sloveniancabin 8sloveniancabin

The bathroom boasts the same beautiful natural wood shade as the rest of the home, a modern sink, walk-in shower and stunning matte black tiles.

All in all, this cabin has a huge personality and is just the right size for a family wanting to get away for the summer


[ Source: Airows ]