See The Unbelievable Bora Bora Island Up For Sale For An Astronomical $50-Million

The allure of island living never gets old and for a few millions (we’re talking 1-5) you can purchase a glorious stretch of land that is yours to call home. But apparently not all islands are made equal… Case in point: this 9.75-acre island in the French Polynesia that is on the market for an incredible $50 million.1MotuWe’re not entirely sure why it is being listed for as much as it is, however it may have something to do with its previous owner and perhaps how easily rentable it is.2MotuFamous French explorer and author Paul-Emile Victor once called this little piece of heaven in Bora Bora home for a few years. The interior was enhanced by Francois Nars (of makeup brand Nars cosmetics) since he sold Nars company to Shiseido and purchased the home a mere 5 years after Victor’s death in 2000. The millionaire rented out the entire island for about $25,000 daily and this used to cover a private chef, three housekeepers, two waitresses and a manager.3MotuToday the island (affectionately known as Motu Tane which in Tahitian is translated into Man’s Island) is now up for sale, ready to be purchased by the next owner can either rent it out like Nars did or keep it all to themselves as their personal haven.4MotuOver the past few years, the land has been enriched with the growth of hundreds of coconut trees. But of course, nothing can beat the beautiful white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters of Tahiti.5MotuMotu Tane features 13 beds which can accommodate up to 20 people at any given time. The architecture is thanks to international acclaimed design architect Christian Liaigre, who was given the task of re-designing Motu Tane’s complete layout – and it looks stunning.6MOtu 7MotuThere is no shortage of places to relax in seclusion or to sit and chat with a bunch of your best pals.8Motu 9MotuNo expense was spared to ensure guests feel at home and always have plenty to do. This living room, for instance, has multiple conches and pieces of art for guests to examine and admire.10MotuWhen the sun sets and it’s time to rest, visitors can swoon over the beautiful bedroom which seems like something out of a fairytale. 11Motu 12MOtuWhile the asking price is rather steep, it might be worth it considering Nars rented it out for almost $25,000 per day. You could make your money back should you have back-to-back reservations for about six years (don’t quote us on this). At the end of the day, it’s definitely an investment!13Motu[ Source: Sotheby’s, DailyMailUK]