See Inside The World’s Most Expensive Home That Just Sold for $301 Million

This stunning French castle was built to resemble King Louis XIV’s Versailles palace located about an hour away from Paris. This 56-acre property holds an enormous 20-bedroom home that is jam-packed with art, tech and everything else you’d expect a $301 million-dollar home to have.

While Château Louis XIV was build to resemble a 17th-century home from the outside, the interior is a perfect harmony of both modern and antique. Developed by Emad Khashoggi’s company Cogemad, it took 200 people three years to make this gorgeous estate.Image2CastleEven before you step inside this castle, you’ll be marvelled at the multiple perfectly-maintained courtyards complete with done-shaped bushes, statues, and plenty of fountains.Image3CastleStepping inside the home, you’ll find your heels clicking against the gorgeous black-and-white tiled floor. Look up and you’ll see a striking fresco painting along the domed ceiling.Image4Castle Image5CastleThe black-and-gold staircase is something straight out of a dream, evoking class, sophistication and absolute royalty.Image6CastleThis castle features 20 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms (what better place to host all your fantastic parties?) as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool that will absolutely blow your mind.Image7CastleSeriously, have you seen the size of that thing?! The rainfall shower head above releases water into the pool, making you feel like you’re in a temperature-controlled rainforest surrounded by gorgeous natural light. Image8Castle Image9CastleShould you want to rest and relax instead, Château Louis XIV is also equipped with this dazzling jacuzzi room framed by four white-and-gold pillars.Image10CastleThis multi-million dollar home also boasts a 3,000-bottle basement wine cellar, meditation room, squash court, movie theatre and private nightclub.Image11Castle Image12Castle Image13CastleDid we mention there was an underwater safe? What better place to confess all your evil ploys and stash all that cash than in a room surrounded by water, sharks and your evil henchmen. Image14CastleThe castle also features a host of tech. For example, the fresco painting hides the air conditioner, an app controls the fountains and lights and the entire home contains a total of 40 security cameras.Image15CastleThe company allegedly used 13 different types of marble and 15,000 sheets of gold to create this dream-like castle and by the looks of it, it seems like their investment paid off!Image1CastleSource: []