This Massive Beachfront Property in Mauritius Is An Investor’s Dream


Potential investors, listen up! These three stunning properties in Black River, Mauritius can potentially be sold altogether, which means you can use up one, rent the other, and build whatever your heart desires on the third empty lot!1ChamarelThe first property’s land size is a whopping 4,378 square meters and the house itself contains 576 square meters of beautiful living space. The largest of the three, this villa has three beds, three baths and an independent second level annex for your guests.3Chamarel 4ChamarelThe second property has approximately 2,324 square meters of land as well as a main house measuring 392 square meters. It features two bedrooms and two en-suite bathrooms. The interior is just as lovely as the first house, just a wee bit cozier! Plus, take a look at that glorious bathtub – it’s absolutely drool-worthy!5Chamarel 6ChamarelThe third property has the most amount of land size (coming in at just over 5,000 square meters), however it is completely unbuilt. But if you want some ideas of what could be built in this area, all you have to do is step back and look at the first, largest property for sale: check out that pool!7Chamarel 8ChamarelThere’s even a pavilion with a day bed overlooking the crystal-clear blue pool – the perfect place to read a book or bask in the sun with a mimosa in hand.9Chemarel 10ChamarelThere’s also plenty of room indoors for entertaining guests in the living room, preparing a meal in the stunning gourmet kitchen and then sharing it with family in the dining room either indoors or al fresco.11Chamarel 12Chamarel 13ChamarelSadly, the price will only be disclosed for serious buyers, but the good news is if you don’t want to buy all three, you don’t have to! The first and second properties can be purchased separately. Unfortunately, the last unbuilt property is only available for those purchasing all three lands or in addition to the first property, which means you can’t own the third in and of itself. Despite this, it is still a fantastic opportunity for investors and avid vacationers alike!14Chamarel

[ Source: Sotheby’s ]