Live Completely Off The Grid in this Gorgeous Belizean Estate

Approximately 200 islands dot the Belize coastline, most of them completely undeveloped. Of the ones that are developed, only a dozen or so aren’t dependent on any water or electricity company.

Introducing North Saddle Caye, a property that lives completely off the grid in one of the few developed islands on the coast of Belize. Imagine sipping your coffee while leaning on your kitchen door frame, the salt water breeze shifting the surrounding palm trees and watching the tides roll.Image2Belize


Put simply, it’s a little slice of heaven and for a mere $6 million, it can be yours. This property features two luxury villas and two guest cottages, all of which are built using Belizean hardwood. The island contains a total of 4 acres of land and the combined floor space of all the villas and guest cottages is an impressive 11, 716 sq. ft.Image3BelizeThe villas boast 20ft high vaulted ceilings, matching Master bedrooms and wall-to-wall glass doors that can withstand up to a category 4 hurricane, which is a good thing to consider should you be so unlucky. Hopefully, the weather will stay bright and beautiful so you can bask in the warmth while sipping your glass of red (or white!) wine.Image4BelizeThe wood-and-leather furniture and decor are aesthetically pleasing and simple, turning your attention to the beauty of the ocean just beyond those walls. The dining room table can seat ten, while the kitchen’s breakfast table can comfortably accommodate four.Image5Belize Image6BelizeThe decor in the bedroom is no different than the rest of the villa, and offers a breathtaking view of the ocean just at the foot of your bed. Unlike conventional beds where the frame is pressed up against the wall, this one is situated in the middle of the room so the backboard can also double as storage space.Image7Belize Image8BelizeOne of the two guest cottages has a fully-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms while the other has a kitchenette, two bedrooms and one full bath. Both have a living area, dining room and outdoor showers.Image9Belize Image10BelizeNorth Saddle Caye has a very deep, natural lagoon, making it a perfectly safe harbour to dock your boat or yacht. This property also has a boat house with just over 2,700 sq. ft., perfect to store all your fishing and boating equipment. A Kubota tractor and Husqvarna mower tractor is also included in the sale of this Belizean paradise. This boat house also contains the operating battery (48 V), converted to 110 V for the villas and cottages.Image11Belize Image12BelizeSpeaking of power, let’s get into the specifics on how this is an off-grid residence. The villas and guest cottages use a reverse osmosis water system, a rainfall water purification system and four sewage systems that has a capacity of 500 gallons per day. For power, this villa comes with a Broadcrown backup diesel generator.Image13BelizeWhile $6 million is a hefty price to pay, you’d be hard pressed to find a place with this much privacy, freedom and independence anywhere else in the world.Image14BelizeSource: []