This Home is a Piece of Contemporary Art

House 1058 is not your cookie-cutter type of house. Instead, walking past the home on Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad could make you stop right in your tracks and look up, pondering how something so out of place and strange could look so stunning.

Designed by renowned architect firm Khosla Associates, the project home was a culmination of much planning and experimentation with different materials and ideas to create something that is as unique as their clients.  The home does not feature one long, plain roof but instead has several “towers” connected together to form a home that is just as interesting on the outside as it is spacious on the inside.


The entrance is bathed in natural light, giving way to the living room which has a glass pavilion. The living room extends to an L-shaped wooden deck which looks over the central garden.

4Jubilee 5Jubilee

Outside, the deck holds plenty of space for a a conversation table set, a path into the garden and a little pond surrounding the orange tree.

6Jubilee 7Jubilee

Simply said, the main floor’s living room is absolutely massive. The high ceilings and plenty of natural light make it a hotspot for sitting down with a  good book while also having conversations with family and friends.

8Jubilee 9Jubilee

The dining room is a little bit more intimate and features enough seating for eight, plus comes with a lovely view of the gardens.


The rest of the home has a minimalist yet artistic approach to decor with its simple furnishings and bold colors.

11Jubilee 12Jubilee

Kudos to the new homeowners who have a modern and completely unique place to call home!



[ Source: KhoslaAssociates ]