Here’s The Crazy Way This Billionaire Got The Ultimate Revenge on His Former Boss

In a questionable use of funds, a hedge fund billionaire bought his boss’s summer mansion for over $40 million – only to tear it down to make way for a new one.

David Tepper bought the ocean-facing property in Sagaponack, New York, in 2010, for $43.5million, making it the priciest home in the Hamptons at the time. He purchased it off John Corzine’s ex-wife; Corzine was Tepper’s boss at the time.

The following summer, he dumpstered the 6,165 square foot home to make way for his bigger, better mansion.

2CA76E0200000578-0-image-a-36_1442961757915It’s been five years, and Tepper’s renovation is finally finished, with his new estate boasting additions like a large pool and tennis court, complete with spectacular ocean views.

2CA76DD100000578-0-image-a-43_1442961819945Tepper left Goldman Sachs to set up his hedge fund Appaloosa when Corzine, who was CEO at the time, decided not to promote Tepper to partner.  Appaloosa now has $20 billion worth of assets.

2CA79FC900000578-0-image-m-51_1442961962824And after Tepper bought his ex-boss’s home?

“You could say there was a little justice in the world,” he said.