Buy Your Very Own Island in the Florida Keys…

Ahh, gorgeous Florida: where the temperatures are high, the atmosphere is carefree and the homes are out-of-this-world gorgeous; who wouldn’t want to live there? Better yet, who wouldn’t want their own private slice of paradise in the form of island a mere 10 minutes away from famous South Beach?

Because we totally do.


Pumpkin Key features a marina large enough to accommodate a mega yacht and plenty of lush landscape (25 acres to be exact), which serves a blank slate in terms of developmental opportunities.


But the island isn’t all bare. Nay, tucked within the greenery is a main home with three bedrooms, three baths, one partial bath as well as two caretaker cottages and a dock master’s apartment so all your bases are covered.


While there are is no large resort already constructed on the island, the future owner may not want to build more homes at all. Sure, this may serve as an investment property and over time generate millions of dollars worth of revenue but if peace and quiet is what you desire, than this is the perfect place to find it (bonus: South Beach is only a 10-minute helicopter or boat ride away).

Besides building you dream estate, activities available at Pumpkin Key including one of the best fishing and lobster fishing holes around and snorkeling and scuba diving is available just three miles off shore.


This delightful piece of heaven is available for $95 million, which is pretty hefty considering there isn’t much constructed on it just yet, but considering the investment opportunity it may just pay off in the long run!

[ Source: Sotheby’s ]