Andy Warhol’s Biggest Fan Bought his New York Estate for a Record-Breaking Price

If his descendants aren’t still making millions off his art, they’re making millions off his property. Those managing Andy Warhol’s estate sold his Montauk, New York, home for a record-breaking $50 million — it’s the highest home sale ever recorded in the region.interior1

The 5.7-acre property, given the name Eothen, is as unique and colourful as Warhol’s art. It’s composed of a beautiful collection of white-shingled cottages that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Set against the backdrop of green fields, rugged cliffs and blue skies, this home has been inspiration for many artists including John Lennon and Elizabeth Taylor.interior2

When Warhol purchased the estate in the 1970’s, he paid $220,000 for 21 acres, but according to the Wall Street Journal, he donated 15 acres to the Nature Conservancy. When he finally put the property up for sale he listed Eothan, along with a 24-acre horse farm, for $85 million.interior3

So who bought it? Andy Warhol’s greatest fan, of course. Adam Lindemann, an art lover and collector, decided that collecting Warhol’s art was not enough, so he added Warhol’s home to his collection.interior4 landscape