Would You Rather: Mercedes-AMG C63 or BMW M3

Last week’s L4P Battle saw a clash of titans in which the Ferrari LaFerrari just barely edged out the McLaren P1. Even you our readers seemed pretty split on our Facebook page over which you would put in your garages. The week, however, we’re bringing the discourse a bit closer to planet Earth.

The BMW M3 once stood alone as the best acquirable sports sedan (the coupe has since been spun off as the M4) a middle-management tech company employee could buy, but that’s not nearly as true as it once was. The market is now rife with fast sedans, but none pose a greater threat to the bimmer’s dominance than the Mercedes-AMG C63.

Place your bets, and let’s get going.

LOOKS: The Bangle-era BMWs are well and truly behind us, and the M3 adds just the right amount of aggression to the already handsome 3 Series.


LOOKS: While it’s by no means ugly, the current C-Class and its more organic styling isn’t the best starting point for a sports sedan. Truth be told we prefer the more hard-edged styling of the previous C63.

LOOKS: No contest here. The M3 looks like the ultimate driving machine.

BMW M3: 1

Mercedes-AMG C63: 0

ENGINE: The latest M3 is the first in its long history to get a bit of extra shove from forced induction. The twin-turbo, 3.0-liter, straight-six produces 425-hp and gobs of torque.

ENGINE: The C63 also gets a pair of turbochargers, but here they’re bolted to a 4.0-liter V8 that produces that produces 469 hp or 503 hp if you opt for the C63 S.

ENGINE: The C63’s V8 isn’t just more powerful, it also happens to sound totally righteous.

BMW M3: 1

Mercedes-AMG C63: 1

PERFORMANCE: The M3 does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of an electronically limited 156 mph. A few carbon fiber body panels help keep weight to a relatively light 3,540 lbs.


PERFORMANCE: Despite the extra power, the C63 S can only match the BMWs 0-60 claim of 3.9 seconds. At 180 mph it has a significantly higher top speed, but it’s also significantly heftier at 3,648 lbs.

PERFORMANCE: The M3 all but matches the C63’s straightline performance while being the more nimble of the pair. Oh, and you can also get with something called a clutch pedal.

BMW M3: 2

Mercedes-AMG C63: 1

INTERIOR: The M3 boasts an interior that combines just the right amount of German luxury and distinctively sport feel.


INTERIOR: The C63’s interior gets several bespoke touches over the standard C-Class (which is already a very nice place to be), including a sport steering wheel and some of the best seats in the world.

INTERIOR: You can’t go wrong either way, but the M3’s sportier, more austere interior just feels right in this application.

BMW M3: 3

Mercedes-AMG C63: 1

And with that, the M3 takes this week’s L4P Battle three to one.