Would You Buy a Ferrari LaFerrari at Over Three Times the Sticker Price?

If you can get your hands on a hypercar these days, it may be one of the wiser investments you can make. The latest influx of supercars have drastically increased in value in a short period of time, and the trajectory upwards has no end in sight.

Take this Ferrari LaFerrari, one of the most coveted modern luxury cars you can get. Fort Lauderdale Collection South in Florida has put this Rosso Corsa LaFerrari up for sale for a stupid $4.7 million. It’s one of the highest prices we’ve seen for any supercar, and this isn’t a limited edition vehicle.

Sure it only has 388 miles on the clock, but a brand new LaFerrari only costs $1.4 million – or 3.3 times lower than the ambitious $4.7 million ask. Even if modern supercars continue to appreciate in value this rapidly, a used LaFerrari would take a while to recoup your initial 3x investment.