With 850 Horsepower This Tuned Mercedes E63 AMG is Next Level Awesome

With its sweeping body lines and stylish exterior, the Mercedes E63 Wagon is a head-turner. This tuned up version, owned by Vossen Wheels, makes this Mercedes model even sweeter.

RENNtech, a company whose turned heads and turned up Mercedes-Benz performance numbers for over 25 years, decided to take on this midsized beast as their latest project. Their tuning suite for the current generation E-Class adds to both the exterior stylings, and all the power options under the hood.

The exterior add-ons from RENNtech include an aggressive front splitter with fully integrated and enlarged air intakes, a functional underbody rear diffuser, and a stylish rear tailgate spoiler. Each upgrade is made of quality, pre-preg carbon fiber, which is the strongest type of carbon fiber used for cars on the market. Fully functional aerodynamic components parts were designed to synergize with one another, improving overall airflow, reducing drag, and allows for greater downforce.

On the inside, RENNtech offers numerous performance upgrades including engine tuning software, intercooler systems, drive line components, complete exhaust systems and turbocharger upgrades. This Mercedes receives a major power boost, pushing the midsize to 850 Horsepower and 950 lb/ft of torque.