Watch This Lamborghini Break a 1/4 Mile World Record

If the sound of a revving engine makes your left foot twitch and your hand ache for an adrenaline-rushing shift knob, then you might want to take a look at this video, where Underground Racing pushes this Lamborghini Huracan to its limits.

Underground Racing is known to tune and tweak existing vehicles to make them both track- and road-worthy beasts. They have broken more than a few world records, and this Huracan was no exception.

Image2HuracanWhat’s so special about this Huracan, you may ask? Well, this twin-turbocharged UR1 Huracan retained its dual-clutch transmission and during one of its test runs with the new clutch plates, it completed a quarter-mile run in record breaking time.

Check out the video for some double-clutching mastery and drool-worthy revs.

Source: [Youtube]