5 Reasons Why Owning A Lamborghini is Just the Worst

Ever since you were little, you wanted a Lamborghini, right? You put Lambo posters up on your bedroom walls, built them as toy models and hoped that one day you’d be able to buy a real one for yourself. But you might seriously want to consider the real downsides to owning a Lamborghini since there are several.

Here are 5 reasons why owning a Lamborghini is just the worst:

1. You’re never able to help your friends move. EVER.

1-VenenoSeriously, don’t you wish you just bought that pickup truck so every time your friends move, you’re the guy that gets the call? Can’t fit a bed in the back of this Veneno… And that’s no good, right? [VIDEO]


2. They’re completely impractical in winter.

2-LamboDriftSnowLike really, the driver of this drifting Huracan is having a horrible time. For real. [VIDEO]


3. You won’t ever be able to drive your friends home from the club…

3-HotGirlinLambo2Because chances are, that passenger seat is going to be occupied—ALL the time. [VIDEO]


4. They’ve got way too much power.

And there’s no way it’s going to be fun to drive. Like really, could you even image how awful this Lamborghini Avantador Lp-700 -4 Twin Turbo would be to drive. We can’t… [VIDEO]


5. You get way too much attention from everyone—ALL THE TIME….


Or just crowds in general. And whatever you do, don’t go to Monaco… [VIDEO]