Someone Made This Tricked Out Tesla the Lightest and Fastest Ever

One unfortunate drawback of electric cars is that it can be hard to extract more power from their electric motors, but there are other ways to improve performance. Swiss-German tuner, Mansory, has taken the Tesla Model S and thrown a raft of lightweight carbon fiber parts and aerodynamic improvements at it, all of which help to improve both straight-line speed and handling.

The the redesigned front fascia has been aerodynamically sculpted in carbon fiber and includes new LED daytime running lights. The new side skirts, subtle rear lip spoiler and rear fascia with diffuser are also made of carbon fiber. New 22-inch alloy wheels also help reduce overall weight and the all-important un-sprung weight.

Tesla S MANSORY interior 2b

Ignoring the green graphics, which are hopefully optional, it comes together to form package that’s sport without being shouty, and Mansory claims the upgrades help improve acceleration, stopping distance and energy consumption.

Inside the Mansory Model S gets illuminated-logo entrance panels, sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals and, also hopefully optional, neon green accents.

Tesla S MANSORY heck white fluo green M10