This One-Of-A-Kind 1967 Ferrari Thomassima is Selling For $9 Million on eBay

For $9-Million and one click on Buy It Now on eBay, this 1967 Ferrari Thomassima can be yours. It’s a truly incredible one-of-a-kindcar, whose story is almost unbelievable.

Back in the ’60s, Tom Meade, working in California at the time, spotted a car that grabbed his interest. Needing to know exactly what he was looking at, Meade learned from the owner it was a Ferrari 500 TRC, and that there was a warehouse full of them in Rome.

Almost immediately, Meade packed up and headed to Italy with nothing more than $50 to his name.

After working with Maserati and Ferrari engineers for years, he produced his first vehicle: the Thomassima I. It was a Ferrari 250 GT, embodied with Mead’s vision of what a real sports car should look like. Unfortunately before it could debut, a flood destroyed the workshop where the inaugural Thomassima was built.

After a while, Meade was commissioned to create a car for a friend back in California. What resulted was the Thomassima II, using a modified chassis from a Cooper Climax F1 the second time around.


“What made this car so important was Meade’s vision and tenacity to walk into Maserati and Ferrari as an American and work with those guys,” said Tim Taylor of Red Car Restorations.

“And then, to build a car he believed to be comparable to any cars they were building at the time, beauty wise, was astounding. It was accepted at the time. I’m still in awe that this car even happened.”


After exchanging hands through various owners – even sitting completely disassembled for years at one point – this legendary car is finally up for sale to the public for $9 million on eBay.


Completely rebuilt and restored by Red Car Restorations, Taylor hopes the new owner is a “true enthusiast that understands the car’s history and what it did.”