The Shelby GT40 is Back For Its 50th Anniversary—With a Catch for US Drivers

To celebrate the GT40’s 50th anniversary of its grand 1-2-3 finish at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ford, Shelby and Superformance have teamed up to release a limited edition of the GT40 MKII. It’s everything you would expect this car to be: beautiful, flashy, and incredibly classy.Image2GT40Superformance will build only 20 of these right-hand-drive beasts, complete with a right-hand shift setup like that of the Le Mans racers Bruce McLaren, Ken Miles and Dan Gurney, which should make driving for most North Americans—interesting. Image7GT40shiftUnlike the real deal, these guys have a few extras such as air conditioning and an adjustable pedal box for some comfort.Image4GT40But sticking to the classics, this vehicle will offer an exact replica of the chassis and engine layout of the three cars that took the top three spots 50 years ago. Buyers also have the choice between three colour schemes: black with silver stripes, blue with white stripes and red with white stripes.Image5GT40These 50th Anniversary replicas will also come with nifty gold 50th anniversary badges, logos and features.Image6GT40