The NEW Porsche Boxster 718 is Here In All its Glory

It’s finally here: the Porsche’s ‘Boxter 718’ in all its glory.

Looking at the released renderings of the updated Boxter, Porsche has added A LOT more than the ‘718’ on the tail end of its name. It seems like everything has been changed – and it has.

Porsche’s press release says, “every body part except for the luggage compartment lids, the windshield and the convertible top has been changed”.

It has retained its mid-engine and rear wheel drive layout, leaving the powerchain similar to the previous model. The only difference is a it’ll run a turbocharged flat-four, subbing in for previous naturally aspirated flat-six. If you’re a Porsche die-hard and don’t dig the change, the 6-speed manual transmissions that’ll be added to both Boxter models should soften the blow.

The Boxster 718 and S are on sale from $56,000 to $68,400.