Rolls-Royce Cleverly Hides Their ‘Cullinan’ SUV in Plain Sight

The hyped Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV has been spotted again.

The luxury automakers first foray into SUV’s, the Cullinan was seen being put through the paces in its winter testing schedule. The Cullinan has popped out in public before, found on public roads last year as Rolls-Royce continues its testing.

The car was confirmed by Rolls-Royce earlier this year when some images of the test mule were released. Vigorous testing – especially through the elements – seems appropriate for a car that’s a “high-sided, all-terrain vehicle”.

According to the company, the mule “will assist Rolls-Royce engineers in developing a final suspension system that will deliver…the brand’s hallmark ‘magic carpet’ ride not only on the road, but off-road, too.”

The Phantom body is being used as a mock-up, underneath is  a new chassis and suspension in development for the SUV.

While its called the ‘Cullinan’ now, the name isn’t expected to stick by the time the finished product Rolls into production next year. (Cullinan, by the way, makes reference to the largest gem-quality diamond ever found).

Bentley recently announced that it would launch its own luxury SUV, the Bentayga, later this year. It’s a beaut, but expect this Rolls-Royce 4×4 to shatter existing size and price ceilings for any other 4×4. The SUV should fall in the £250,000 to £280,000 range, potentially climbing to £500,000 if owners decide to pimp it out with bespoke equipment and decor.