Mercedes-Maybach Wants to Sell You a 21-Foot-Long, 12,000 Pound S600 Pullman Guard

Mercedes-Maybach smashed together its 21-foot-long S-class Pullman and the most secure version of the S-class on offer, the S600 Guard, to create one ostentatious armoured limousine. Meet the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard.

Perfect for Russian oligarchs, chiefs of state, and oil barons; the massive S-class boasts VR9 protection standards and a blast resistance that meets Directive ERV 2010 requirements. In essence nothing short of a fighter jet or a tank will break through the reinforced body and polycarbonate windows.


Mercedes claims the new security stuff will not compromise the Pullman’s opulent and spacious interior, which still features adjustable footrests, leather upholstered everything and a driver partition in case of hanky-panky– and that’s before we even get into custom requests.

Because of the S600 Pullman’s absurd 12,000-pound curb weight, the 530-hp twin-turbo V12 engine is limited to just 99 miles per hour.

Pricing hasn’t been outlined, but expect something close to a million dollars–already Maybach’s ‘regular’ S600 Guard will set you back half a million Euros, same goes for the S600 Pullman, so we can only expect something astronomical when Mercedes starts shipping these tanks to clients sometime next year.