Take an Exclusive Look Inside Lamborghini’s Renovated Museum

Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy houses the brand’s official museum, which just received a complete overhaul.Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-2

Tons of classic Italian metal will be now be on display in the museum, which has had its entire layout and all of its displays renovated. The impressive list of vehicles includes classics like the Diablo with four-wheel drive and the P 140 with its aluminum chassis, while some of Lamborghini’s newer creations, like the carbon fiber Sesto Elementoand the Asterion Concept, are also on display.Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-3

Lamborghini’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali, inaugurated the new museum on June 9, coinciding with the first stage of the Miura tour, an owners’ rally which celebrates the iconic model with a 500km (310 mile) journey. A total of 20 Miuras gathered for the event.Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-9

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Walking in to the museum, guests are greeted with the sound of an Aventador and Huracan being run hard, while the first vehicle on display is also the first car Lamborghini ever built, the 1963 350 GT. An entire digital family tree has also been constructed and is displayed on four monitors. There are even racetrack-style garages in the motorsports section to display the Super Trofeo versions of the Diable GTR, Gallardo and Huracana long with the F1 cars that use Lamborghini engines.Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-5

At the end of the museum tour, visitors get to see the Lamborghini Centro Stile which is where the design team works to create new models.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Visitors can also book a tour of the assembly plant to watch new Lamborghinis being built. Here’s more from the museum:Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-6 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-7 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-8 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-9 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-10 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-11 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-12 Lamborghini-Museum-Renovation-Miuras-13