Live Out Your 007 Fantasies with the Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition

The first car James Bond drove on film was a Chevy Bel Air, and he mostly drove Bentleys in Sir Ian Flemings novels, but agent 007 is inextricably linked with Aston Martin. Now, just before the release of Spectre, the forthcoming new James Bond film, Aston Martin has unveiled the new DB9 GT Bond Edition as a tribute to the 50-year-old association.

aston_martin_db9_gt_bond_edition_luxury_4_play 001

Inspired by both the DB5 Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger and the one-off DB10 built specifically for Specter, the DB9 GT Bond Edition features several subtle Easter eggs that fit its theme, including its unique Spectre Silver paint and subtle ‘007’ badging. Ten-spoke 20-inch wheels, aluminum bright work, and carbon fiber front splitter and rear diffuser round out the exterior.

aston_martin_db9_gt_bond_edition_luxury_4_play 003

The Bond theme continues inside with a numbered ‘007’ plaque and gun-barrel embroidery on the rear seat divider. The infotainment system gets a ‘007’ start-up screen. The Bond Edition Aston also includes custom 21-inch Globe-Trotter trolley case and a limited-edition Aqua Terra 150 James Bond watch with Aston Martin strap.

aston_martin_db9_gt_bond_edition_luxury_4_play 004