The First-Ever Lamborghini Veneno Coupe Could Be Yours For This Crazy Price

Remember that time before Lamborghini sold supercars besides the Aventador SV and Centenario? Yeah, the Lamborghini flagship models were so cool that it’s difficult to remember what Lambo was doing pre-awesomeness.

This should jumpstart your memory: this is the Veneno, another exotic car from Lambo. There were just three examples made for the solid roof version, sold out in no time.

The initial price was a lofty $4 million, but it turned out to be a sweet investment for the handful of owners who bought in – one has been priced as high as $11 million.

This one’s going for $7.9 million, and while that still an insane amount for a supercar, the seller says that it’s at least the first-ever Veneno Coupe produced giving it a historical allure.

Despite being almost three years old, this bad boy only has 62 miles clocked, meaning it’s mint. Hopefully the buyer of this supercar lets it out of its cage for once.