Lamborghini Drops Out of 2016 Paris Motor Show Because VW is too Poor…

Two well-known luxury automakers will not attend the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

The Volkswagen Group is continuing to cut costs amid its massive diesel scandal and as a result,Bentley and Lamborghini will not be on display in Paris later this month. Bentley said it will be skipping the show to focus on small events where it can market directly to buyers, while Lamborghini said it is revising its auto show strategy and is taking a closer look at which locations it wants to be on display.

Bentley and Lamborghini aren’t the only ones skipping the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Ford, Volvo andAston Martin have also announced they will not be in attendance.

The Paris Motor Show happens every two years and at the 2014 event, Lamborghini unveiled the Asterion plug-in hybrid concept car while Bentley debuted the Mulsanne Speed.