Check Out This Lamborghini Aventator Redesigned in Vision Gran Turismo Style

We’ve seen plenty of Vision Gran Turismo cars come to life, such as the Aston Martin DP-100 and the Bugatti Vision GT. One thing’s for sure: they look downright amazing. Most recently, you can add one more to the list: this Vision Grand Turismo-inspired Lamborghini Raton, designed by Vittorio Serpetti.

As if the Lamborghini’s Raton wasn’t bold enough with its super-wedged design and striking character lines, this VGT-inspired Lamborghini render took it to the next level. Below are photos of the Raton designed by Serpetti…Image2RatonAnd this is the Vision Grand Turismo’s take on the Raton.Image3VGTRaton Image4VGTRatonThis VGT-inspired Lambo features outlandish spoilers that sprout from the enclosed rear fenders and more aggressive-looking vents an air intakes.Image5VGTRaton Image6VGTRatonThe Raton is actually based off of the Lamborghini Aventador, but this VGT-inspired rendering holds little to no resemblance of either vehicle!Image7VGTRaton Image8VGTRatonUnfortunately, it sounds like we’ll never see this render turn into a real-life car, unless a millionaire heads over to Lamborghini’s headquarters and has them build one for an exuberant amount of money. Fingers crossed!Image9VGTRatonSources: [Behance]