Koenigsegg Lila Regera “Purple Reign” Pays Tribute To Prince

The death of entertainment icon and guitar virtuoso Prince has been met with tributes from across the globe. Each one is special in their own way, but the homage by Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg is a lot cooler than say, a Little Red Corvette.

Koenigsegg celebrated Prince’s legacy by releasing a render of its Regera model in a classic Prince purple paint job. The titled Lila Regera – or Purple Reign in English – shown here is a computer rendering of the $1.9 million hybrid-electric hypercar, making it a dream ride for hybrid Prince-car fans.

The images were released on the company’s Facebook page. They also clarified if they had any intention to go from render to production on the Princemobile: “We generally only make things when people order them. But I really hope someone orders this because it looks amazing.”