It Looks Like Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari Enzo Might Be Up For Sale Again

It feels like every week Floyd Mayweather is doing something with car collection, whether he’s buying or selling. This time around, it’s the latter, again.

Mayweather put his Ferrari Enzo up for sale not too long ago, which led to a bidding war among a handful of billionaires attempting to one-up each other to purchase the rare Mayweather-owned supercar owned. This particular one is the 295th example out of the 400 produced, and only has 560 miles on the odometer.

enzo2And now Mayweather is getting prepared for Round 2. The billionaires who missed out on the first Enzo can scrap it out for this one, going up for auction via RM Sotheby New York on December 10. It’ll be alongside a host of other rare and expensive cars at their infamous “Driven By Disruption” Auction event, which will feature $10 million vehicles.

enzo4With its low mileage and celebrity history, this has to be one of the finest Enzos ever available to the public.

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