Is this Tuned Rolls-Royce Wraith the Most Luxury Coupe in the World?

If you didn’t think the uber-opulent Rolls-Royce Wraith doesn’t stand out enough, you’re crazy not alone.

Japanese tuner Office-K felt the same way, so they decided to soup up the ultra-luxurious super coupe, turning into something almost out of this world.

Beginning with a Wald bodykit, Office-K added new bumpers, side skirts and a rear diffuser. Next, a set of gigantic, 24in Forgiato wheels with painted-on tyres were bolted onto the supercar. It was finally finished with a coat of Arctic-snow white paint.

RR-Office-K15-1024x768Good enough, right? Nope. To keep up with those flashy Lamborghinis and carbonfibre G-Wagens, the grille, wheels, badges, splitter, diffuser, door handles, window surrounds and even the exhaust tips were all trimmed in gold.

RR-Office-K4-1024x768 RR-Office-K8-1024x768 RR-Office-K16-1024x768 RR-Office-K14-1024x768 RR-Office-K7-1024x768 RR-Office-K28-1024x768 RR-Office-K17-1024x768