What’s Really Going On Inside the Hydrogen-Fueled Pininfarina H2 Speed

In recent years, Italian design firm Pininfarina has expanded their horizons, applying their trade to various other industrial artistry ventures.

No matter what they do though, the iconic company will always be known for their elevated car designs. And no other car embodies the principles of Pininfarina design quite like it’s hydrogen-fueled concept car: the H2 Speed.

Pininfarina’s design director and chief creative officer Fabio Filippini was recently interviewed by RobbReport.com about the innovative new car, and why everyone should get excited about the H2 Speed.

To summarize, these were the most important takeaways from the in-depth interview, which you can read here.

  • The H2 Speed was inspired by what inspires all Pininfarina designs – the fascination of coupling revolutionary styles in conjunction with competition cars. The three basic values of elegance, purity, and innovation are “intrinsic to Pininfarina’s DNA”.


  • The car doesn’t take any design elements from Pininfarina’s iconic Ferrari Sigma Grand Prix, but was approached – concept wise – the same way. The Sigma came to fruition through research on creating a safer Formula 1 racer; the H2 is based on eco-sustainability research.


  • Filippini collaborated with GreenGT on the concept. GreenGT had already created a running prototype based on hydrogen fuel cells, so it was natural to join forces with them.

  • The H2 is defined by its large, heavy hydrogen tanks, and the balanced design to incorporate it into an elegant car silhouette. The pureness and cleanliness emphasized in the H2’s design is even seen in the colour choice – pure white, in reference to water vapor, which is all that the car emits.

  • They went with a hydrogen fuel source, as it’s the most abundant element in the world, and the technology for mobility emits pure water vapor, something they were keen on incorporating.

  • Filippini promised performance wasn’t an afterthought behind the concept and innovative design; it’ll still pack 500 horses at a reasonable race weight.

  • They hope the H2 will go into production someday. Like other Pininfarina releases, it’ll be super limited to a small selection of buyers –only 10 will likely be produced, if any.

Source: [RobbReport]