This Guy Couldn’t Decide Which Singer 911 He Wanted, So He Bought Two

Kitting out a Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer used to be pretty straightforward. Choose your colors, your engine, a few other bits, and you were on your way to rear-engine sportscar bliss. But ever since Singer started restoring 911 Targas in addition to the fixed-roof offerings, the decision became more difficult. A Minnesota customer found himself in this tragic quandary, so he bought both.

porsche-singer-luxemburg-01The orange Targa, or Luxembourg as Singer calls it, is definitely the extrovert of the two. It’s named after the township of Luxembourg, Minnesota situated northwest of Minneapolis. The removable roof panel is crafted in carbon fiber and the Targa hoop gets Singer’s signature nickel coating. The cockpit, gets a unique tartan weave, consisting of seven different shades of orange, blue and cream. Singer’s new 4.0-liter flat six sends 390-horsepower to the rear wheels through a six-speed transmission.

gallery-1471522873-singer-minnesota-01Next up is the sinister and more predictably named, Minnesota. The Gunmetal Grey exterior is void of the “Porsche” stripes that grace the flanks of most Singers, adding a dose of anonymity. A slightly smaller 3.8-liter engine produces 350-horsepower, and the Tobacco Brown interior looks good enough to lick.

singer-minnesota-21If you want a Singer (or two) of your own, you’ll be looking at a bit of a wait. The small Southern-California shop currently has backlog of about 80 cars, each taking about six months to build. Prices start around $200,000 (not including the cost of a donor 964 911), and can exceed $400,000, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Feel free to ogle more images of Luxembourg and Minnesota while you wait.

porsche-singer-luxemburg-09 porsche-singer-luxemburg-06 porsche-singer-luxemburg-10 porsche-singer-luxemburg-08 singer-minnesota-10 porsche-singer-luxemburg-05 singer-minnesota-52 porsche-singer-luxemburg-02 singer-minnesota-20 singer-minnesota-16 porsche-singer-luxemburg-07 singer-minnesota-09

Images: Singer Vehicle Design